Debut Novel – Soul Tracing: Taboo

Lisa Mackay - Author

A dark romance story filled with tons of twists, turns, and tears.


Ifraah Samatar & Irsha Akbar

Where can readers get a copy?  On amazon, we have three copies available:

CLEAN VERSION: With toned down love scenes for our conservative readers

EXPLICIT VERSION: The glorious full explicit version for the brave reader

PAPERBACK VERSION: Which contains a glossary of terms which translates some of the languages spoken in the book.

What the reviewers are saying: 5-Star

“Amazing! 100% highly recommended – A definite must, must, must read! This is a story filled with love, discovery, prejudice, hate, romance, and everything in between. Beautifully written and sure to keep the reader thoroughly engrossed from start to finish. There are plenty of belly laughs too… but I must warn you… get those tissues at the ready!”

“Amazing Book. Couldn’t put it down!! – This book is amazing!!! I don’t normally write reviews…

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