This book is amazing. One of the best novella in flash I’ve ever read. You would think a story aboit loosing your mind to Alzheimer’s was depressing and there are tears but so much laughter and of corse love.

I loved all the flashiest but I think my  favourite was making a baby. How D V got this seen  erotic and so touching at the same time is  Beyond me.

This thought is old but I think this book  says it without saying it. As long as you think and  remember them there not completely gon.


Do you write flash?

Do you write flash fiction?

I’m writing a novella in flash and will according to my editor @dublinwriter hope I got that Wright D it’ still needs a lot of work I wunder Ed if there’s anay one out there that:

Write flash?

Write novella in flash?

Or reads them out there out there that would like to join me or promo themselves.