Tattooed Dragon.

This is an excerpt from the novel I am writing at the moment. Please let me know what you think?

Tattooed Dragon.
By Adam Boustead. © Adam Boustead 28/09/2017.

Prologue. Carrac.
I floated in space. In front of me lay what must be the beautiful blue and green world of Jarraj. A mist started to form around Jarraj. It formed into a huge web that completely rapped around the world. It was made up of huge strands which in turn were made up of many entwined malty coloured threads. The howl thing crackled with lightening. A second look revealed what I had suspected. The web was a web but it was also the outline of a giant spider. “I am the web and the web is me.” Boomed the litany of the god I was in the presence of. In that moment I knew I was no longer dreaming. No this was a sending from the god of gods Marggram. Its spidery form was made up of the web the endless power of magic. I fell to my knees and knelt there on black nothingness for what seemed like for ever. No words were spoken but I felt that it was permitted for me to rice. So I did so. I stared at Jarraj. Rapped around it was a huge serpentine dragon. Many strands of the web were wrapped around or imbedded in the dragon. It was Tattoottat the grate dragon. Whom the lord Marggram had imprisoned before the beginning of time. The dragon appeared to my inferior mortal mined as if it was a huge ice sculpture. As I watched a single drop of melted ice dropped from the sculpture. Suddenly something huge filled my view. It was the huge face of my god. Its seven eyes glittering with unbelievable power and intelligence. I would have nether have dared to stare my god directly in the face. Unable to help myself my eyes wonder to his eighth eye. The one that was nothing but a darkened howl. Where Tattoottat had clawed it out before it was court. Look at me. Boomed a voice in my head coursing blood to explode out of my ears nose and mouth. Knowing what would happen but unable to disobey my god I looked. the pulsing light of Maggams
Blasted me.
“Grand High Seeker pleas for Marggrams sake pleas wake up.”
“Serres I am awake what is it?”
“You have been in a sleep we could not wake you from for seven days.” “Light the lamps I cannot see.” His personal servant for most of his life burst into tears. Serres what’s the matter? “Light a lamp I cannot see a thing.” “The lamps are lit master yore become blind.” “It’s as I thought.” I muttered.
“The Golden Seeker has had our best healers and has sent for even more powerful ones from the lands but so far..”
“You must tell them to stop.”
“But Master.”
“The healers have more important work to do us all have beside which my blindness is a price I welcome. I stared into the eyes of Marggram.”
“My lord.”
I smiled unable to see him with my eyes but with my mind’s eye I could see him make the since of the spider as he always did when Marggrams name was mentioned.
“He has a new working for us to perform a ritual that will take all of us. I want you to speak to the Scribes and Bards I am calling a grate moot.”
“Master there has not been one since the formation of our order.” “I know so it is long over dew that we have another one. All priests all seekers all of the faithful that can come must attend us here on the eve of next year. There they have a year to come to us. Tell the Bards and Scribes that Marggram commands this. Anyone who does not attend without the dispensation of a priest or seeker will be no longer a member of the faith. They will be cast into The Darkness to be feasted on the shadow beasts. All who attend will be granted grate gifts from the god.” “But master they will want to know what they are gathering for.” “Marggram has a grate ritual that he wishes us to perform. It will open many new magic’s and reveal many secrets to us. Power will be granted much power and glory now go.” “But master I cannot leave you in your state.” “I will be fine. You can serve more in this and by one more thing.” “Yes master.” “Also send for a teacher in the touch speech he can be a lower class, middle class a teacher to the rich, a cleric or seeker would be best but so long as he is one of the faithful.” “Master.”
“I must continue my work. ¬how can I put down my spells in my books if I cannot see? Marggram obviously means for me to learn new ways of learning and magic.” “Would not it be better to keep such things quiet?”
“No this is a blessing I tell you. Marggram wants the faith to know of his healing gifts. I will be healed at the grate ritual.
Till then I will learn and use the touch speech. Now be gone.” “Yes master.” I waited until I heard the big door of my privet quarters and his footsteps had gone before I started the spell that had been placed in my head by Marggram. It would make me forget the real reason for the ritual.